interesting memos written for an internal audience - a company, a campaign, an organization - that shed light on how people really think inside institutions.

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  • David Mamet Memo to "The Unit" Writing Staff

    David Mamet's memo provides guidelines for the writing staff of the TV show "The Unit" regarding the importance of drama, storytelling, and creating engaging scenes that advance the plot.

    by David Mamet

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  • Investor Communications

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  • 7521382978492791445cantos-ventures-iii-memo--1-

    The document provides insights into Cantos Ventures III, LP, its investment focus in frontier tech, and its mission to back technology companies with global-scale impact in areas like climate change, disease, poverty, and armed conflict.

    by Cantos III GP

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  • The Commoditization of the Starbucks Experience

    Howard Schultz's memo discusses the dilution of the Starbucks experience and the need to refocus on the core values and differentiation from competitors.

    by Howard Schultz

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  • great speeches

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  • Corporate Communications

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  • Letter #140: Satya Nadella

    by KG

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  • Don’t Fuck Up the Culture

    by Brian Chesky

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