Save anything that
makes you go “whoa”


And anything else you don't want to forget.

A studio for my mind”

“A tasteful take on Pinterest
for knowledge

A dance party for my mind,
but everyone's invited”

“Like a nicotine patch for
quitting the infinite scroll

A second brain
with a heart”

“A private knowledge tool and a public digital garden

With Sublime
you can:

Save an idea and instantly discover related ones — from your library and others'.
(Everyone's favorite)

Capture, highlight, and annotate the web via browser extension and iOS.

Import from
Kindle and Readwise.

Decide what's private
and what's public.

Create collections, collaborate, and share with anyone.

Search your library using natural language. Text in images is findable too.

Use Sublime to:

Get inspired when
you're stuck.

House your curated

Remember more of
what moved you.

Let others peek
inside your mind.

Collaborate on

Get a taste of other
people's taste.

We're growing at
the speed of trust.

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Choose what feels right.

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What you're buying:

Sublime Premium

Add unlimited stuff to your library.

Access our Related Ideas Engine.

Advanced privacy and collaboration.

Smart search your library and everyone else's.

Kindle + Readwise integration (more apps soon).

Plus perks

badge next to your name.

Members only gatherings, workshops, and live Q&As.

Access to our Slack community.

25% off zines and upcoming merch.

Concierge “let's build your library” onboarding call.

Access to our paid Substack posts.

Peek at our vision deck.


Sublime is a labor of love by a small team of designers, engineers, and storytellers. We create with the belief that attention, ideas, and creativity are sacred.