• Interpreting Prediction Market Prices as Probabilities

    The document discusses prediction market prices as reflections of average beliefs under different utility functions. Field data supports that these prices generally correspond with mean beliefs.

    by Justin Wolfers

  • The Long History of Political Betting Markets: An International Perspective

    The document discusses the historical evolution of political betting markets across various countries and time periods, highlighting the long-standing tradition of wagering on political events throughout history.

    by Leighton Vaughan Williams

  • free ideas, by jordan gonen

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  • Using Prediction Markets to Enhance US Intelligence Capabilities

    Using prediction markets to improve US intelligence capabilities. The document discusses the potential of prediction markets to enhance strategic and tactical intelligence work within the US Intelligence Community.

    by Puong Fei Yeh

  • new VC funds at / below $200M in size by Shai Goldman @shaig - Google Drive

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  • Member Benefits Guide

    This document provides information on the member benefits offered by Employment Commons LCA, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability, and other additional benefits.

    by None provided

  • Founder Personal Financial Model [Andrew Rea] - Google Drive

    : Obligatory note that some of the data is altered to not be exact such as Salary but most of the data is directional or exactly what my personal burn was in preparation.

    Thumbnail of Founder Personal Financial Model [Andrew Rea] - Google Drive

  • The Damped Spring Report - "Shifts in growth, inflation, risk premium and positioning all lead to opportunities in markets"

    The report discusses the shifts in growth, inflation, risk premium, and positioning in the market, highlighting opportunities and potential outcomes as Act 3 unfolds.

  • Corporate Prediction Markets: Evidence from Google, Ford, and Koch Industries

    The document examines the efficiency of corporate prediction markets at Google, Ford, and Koch Industries, and finds that despite some inefficiencies, these markets perform reasonably well.

    by Bo Cowgill

  • Guide to Marketplaces-Third Edition.pdf

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    by Angela Tran Kingyens

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