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  • Indirect Approaches in Complex Activities

    The document discusses the distinctions between direct and indirect approaches in handling complex activities, using examples from investment strategies and company operations to illustrate the concepts.

    by The document does not explicitly state the name of the author.

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  • On Nonscalability: The Living World Is Not Amenable to Precision-Nested Scales

    The document explores how scalability, the ability to expand without changing the framework, has shaped modern projects, economies, and knowledge, leading to a loss of transformative diversity.

    by Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

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  • David Mamet Memo to "The Unit" Writing Staff

    David Mamet's memo provides guidelines for the writing staff of the TV show "The Unit" regarding the importance of drama, storytelling, and creating engaging scenes that advance the plot.

    by David Mamet

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  • Reconciling Opposites Jul 02

    Reconciling opposites in various aspects of life, such as freedom-order, individual-society, and rationality-sentiment, is explored through various perspectives and philosophical ideas.

    by Lorenzo Servitje Sendra

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  • Value Capture!

    This pre-print article explores the concept of value capture, where individuals adopt externally-sourced values without adapting them to their own context.

    by C. Thi Nguyen

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  • Climbing out of the rabbit hole

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